International Patients

International Patients

International Patients

IPD (International Patient Department) is a section of the hospital to provide service to non-Iranian patients and therapeutic tourists after entering our country. It has been established in Asia Hospital for treatment processes, follow-up treatment until discharge, planning future visits, if needed, follow-up treatment after discharge, patient accommodation. You can contact the IPD or send an email to receive a visit, advice, and additional information.



Expert of an international patient:    Dr.Mahsa Khosrogardi

Physician of an international patient:    Dr. Khashayar Arfaei (CEO of Asia Hospital )

Direct Contact number:    +982188732033

IPD contact number:   +982188733571 

Internal call number:    130-131-132

Whatsapp & Telegram number : +989128129566



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009821-88733571 (10 Lines)
Asia Hospital, Ahmad Qasir St(Bukharest), Shahid Beheshti Ave, Tehran , Iran