Medical services


Medical services provided by Asia hospital

Medical services provided by Asia hospital

1 Neurology and spinal cord

2 Gastrointestinal tract and gallbladder

General surgery

4 Laparoscopy and laser surgery


Internal Cardiovascular and Echo Cardiography

7 Internal kidney (nephrology) and dialysis

Internal lung and spirometry


10 Ears and nose

11 Orthopedic (bone and joint surgery) and knee arthroscopy

12 Urology and urinary tract men's infertility

13 Plastic and Nasal Surgery

14 Recovery and burns

15 Gynecological surgery and laparoscopic surgery for women and infertility

16 Neurological and cerebrovascular diseases

17 Pediatric and Neonatal Surgery

18 Children and Infants Internal

19 Infectious Disease and febrile illnesses and vaccinations

20 Neuroscience and cerebral arteries

21 Throat and endocrine glands

22 Pharmacies

23 Nutrition and diabetes and therapeutic regimens

24 Alexitho and Emergency Room

25  Mouth, jaw and face

26 Dentistry

27 Hematology and Oncology and Chemotherapy

28 Vascular Surgery

29 CT scan

30 Ultrasound

31 Physiotherapy of the body and organs

32 Clinical and Pathology Laboratory

33 Rheumatology and Rheumatism Clinic

34 Radiotherapy and radiation therapy for cancers

• 35 Wound Clinic (Diabetic Foot Wounds and Compression Wounds)

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