Financial Laws

Financial Regulations of Asia hospital

Please consider the following items when doing the therapy financial operation:

1. In case of non-discharge of patient until 16:00, the patient pays one night's stay.

2. It is not possible to receive any kind of personal checks, such as Siba, for the acceptance and discharge of the patient from the hospital.

3- Delivery of traveler's and encrypted checks of the patient will only be received by the hospital fund manager.

4. When receiving traveling and encrypted checks, it is necessary to have a valid identification card (certificate, ID card or passport), otherwise, the acceptance of the above checks is not possible.

5 - The discharge time of patients hospitalized during the week is from 8 to 18, on Fridays and on Sundays from 9 to 14.

6. All funds received from patients are done only through the hospitals funds in return for receipt of the bill; otherwise, the funds of the outside the framework can not be considered for patients, and doing the above mentioned is not in accordance with the financial provisions of the hospital.

7. All payments made by the patient must be delivered to the discharge unit before the discharge of the patient to be recorded on the financial payment of the patients in order to calculate the settlement of the account; otherwise, the responsibility for not delivering the bills is for the patient.

8. Asia hospital is a 100% private hospital that manages its current affairs based on the principle of income and expense. Full payment and settlement is required based on the amount charged by the discharge unit, since the rates have already been balanced and Based on the minimum standards, so asking for an unavoidable discount will be a waste of your and our precious time.

9-Patient's payment return is not possible on Fridays and off times.

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