Internal Laws


The Domestic Rules Of The Asia Hospital


Thank you for choosing the Asia Hospital for your therapy. We would like to welcome you and wish you a complete recovery. The following hints will be explained because the previous clients had experienced problems due to their lack of knowledge about our rules. For more information please contact us.

1- Please complete all information contained in the first page of the file and, in the case that the information conflicts with your legal and personal information, you should promptly inform the admissions authorities.

2-  At the time of reception, you will be given a bag of personal care items.

3- Hours of patient visitation, in the first six months of the year, is in the evenings, from 3 pm to 5 pm and in the second half of the year, in the afternoon from 2-4 pm (except for patients in special departments). The appointment of non-admitted patients is prohibited.

4- Due to the time and place restrictions for your well-being and the patients in the hospital, we are requesting you to invite relatives and friends to your home who are willing to visit the patient after being discharged.

5- Please avoid bringing your beloved children to visit the patient (due to the pollution of the hospital environment).

6- Smoking in the hospital is strictly prohibited for the patient and his / her partners.

7- The responsibility of the maintenance of precious and expensive items and personal belongings and accessories such as artificial teeth and musculoskeletal systems, etc., is with the patient. It is demanded that you deliver your money and expensive items to the hospital fund and get a receipt before admission, Otherwise, the hospital will have no responsibility for the missing items.

8- If you have surgery, on the day of surgery, only one of the first-degree relatives (if receiving a partner card) can stay in the patient's room.

9- For each patient, just one of the patient's companions can stay in the patient's room with the partner card (in return for payment). In the maternity ward and children department, the partner should be female.

10- The issue of a partner card means the permanent presence and the hospital fee is calculated and charged. Besides, the card is issued only to people who intend to stay in the hospital, and until the card is returned, the total cost will be calculated.

11- The amount you pay at the time of reception is just a prepayment. Refer to the release unit to know your full cost of the treatment, since only the hospital release unit has the right to comment on the cost of the treatment and the opinion of the doctors and others can not be invoked in any way.

12- If the duration of your staying time exceeds 3 days, you will need to contact the release unit for more information on the number of expenses or call 117. Therefore, the respected relatives are requested to attend the discharge unit to pay the hospitals for medical expenses for their patients who have stayed in the hospital for more than three days and whose treatment costs have increased.

13- Keep your prepayment bills until the end of the discharge day and paying your final account, and give it to the fund unit when being discharged.

14- If your patient is discharged after 2 pm, an additional day will be calculated.

15- The patient may be discharged on the weekend, please make the predictions required to pay the bills.

16- In some of the referrals of the contracting organizations of the hospital, a fee is charged in the form of the franchise, which is paid by the patient.

17- patients who bring the letters from the insurer, If admitted to a private room, must pay the difference between the tariff for the private room and the two bedrooms room insurance. Please pay attention to this before admittance. If the patient is accepted in a private room for any reason, it is impossible to change the type of tariff from a private to an insurance provider or an insurance contractor. So, be sure to determine your admission at the time of entry.

18- The Asia Hospital is a 100% private hospital that is managed on an income and cost basis and is not held by any organ or government agency. As a result, full payment and settlement of accounts based on the amount declared by the discharge unit is required to be paid by the patients. Since the rates are already balanced and based on minimum levels, there is no cost allocation.

19- In the case of telephone harassment for any reason (under any title, such as Dept., Nurse, Insurer, etc.), inform the department head immediately. Also, in case of seeing any abnormal case or suspicious entry, immediately inform the department authorities or the hospital's instructor. For this purpose, the necessary phone numbers are announced at the end of this booklet.

20- When you come to this treatment center for the therapy of your patient, you should not pay any money to any medical personnel at any time, under any circumstances. If you have a problem, inform the hospital authorities.

21- At the time of discharge, receive a copy of all of your radiographs and CT scans and the remaining medications from the secretary by submitting a receipt.

22- Please read the terms of satisfaction and comments and declare your response with your criticism and suggestion.

23- Please inform your written inquiries, criticisms, and suggestions to the hospital management or through it too in the criticisms and suggestions box at the entrance of the hospital.

24-  Please contact the nursing office if you need a private nurse.

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