History of Asia Hospital


Asia Hospital was established on December 16, 1346, and in 1349 started to work after completing all its parts. َAt first the hospital started its treatment activity with 90 beds, it has increased physical space in its development plan in 1370. Now development plan for both the physical and health care units is completed up to 120 beds. The existence of the main medicine and para clinical and clinical departments in the Asia hospital has increased its treatment comprehensiveness.

In vitro vaccination of newborns has caused their immunization.

The Department of Physiotherapy and International Therapeutic Therapy in the ultrasound unit helps patients in some cases by closed surgery. In addition to the existence of Electroencephalography, it is possible to detect the condition of the internal cerebrospinal fluid by the TCD to prevent hazardous lesions. The existence of the ureter (Litu Cluster) is one of the other new facilities of Asia Hospital.

Now the Asia Hospital as one of the privileged number one hospitals has the honor to provide services to patients. In Asia Hospital, many abdominal surgeries such as gallbladder or orthopedic surgeries like the sports injuries to the Knee are performed by using a laparoscopic device without opening a surgical site through the camera and the device.

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