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  Specialized and subspecialized Asia Hospital is located in one of the central parts of Tehran (6th district of the municipality) which is crowded and includes commercial and residential texture.

 The most significant embassies, cinemas, parks, hotels, and hospitals are located here which can be considered as a strategic area at a glance. A daily commute of people in this area indicates an alive economy and business. The high level of per capita in treating in this area expresses the presence of numerous hospitals (both public and private). Attention and punctuality to the principles of competition and paying attention to the attraction of customer-oriented attitudes and audience satisfaction is one of the considerable points of management in the existing medical centers in this mentioned urban area. Thereupon, Asia Hospital ( as a Health Executive Institute) in such a companion condition, always tries to provide appropriate services in higher quality and improve the health and treating the condition of the country by enhancing patient's satisfaction and their health.

009821-88733571 (10 Lines)
Asia Hospital, Ahmad Qasir St(Bukharest), Shahid Beheshti Ave, Tehran , Iran